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80's Post Apoc Madness


When? 4th - 5th August

Where? Fort Widley

If there is one thing I love, its the aesthetic of the 2000ad, mad max, etc. era of rock, post apocalypse punk and the end of the world.

So I am going to run an event that lets you get your dirty, radioactive mits into the genre.

"Sometime in the 80's (I think), the old countries decided that they had had enough of living and dropped enough nukes to turn deserts into glass and cities into morgues.

Those of us that survive roam the nuclear deserts and wild wastes, collecting resources, dodging rad zombies, muty beasts and raiders.

The truth is though that we are a social species so every now and then traders spring up, someone grabs a sound system from somewhere and an Underground market springs up.

Looks like that's happening! So grab your gang, put some swing into that bat, head into the tunnels to grab some loot then head up to trade and PPPPAAAARRRRTTTTTYYYYYY!!"

So what is it: 2018 I intend to run a larp weekend that blends mad max, Neverwhere and "the 80's" in a post apoc romp around tunnels, followed by a social night club style event.

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