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Pantaloons Medieval


What self respecting muskateer, berzeker, pirate or world weary wanderer doesnt need giant trousers?


Epic Armoury’s Pants Medieval is a classic pair of pants with signature baggy legs featuring a few convenient modern alterations, such as the sizeable pockets. Made from durable light canvas, these pants are extra wide above the knees before mimicking leggings, easily fitting inside your boots and leg armour. Adjust the fabric around the calves by tightening the reinforced cotton cord to get the best fit.


The pants are fitted with a cotton drawstring at the waist to keep the pants in place while leaving sufficient room for a proper belt. The Pants Medieval are fully compatible with other Epic Armoury clothes and armours, allowing you the freedom to personalize your character's gear.


Available in Desert Beige, Brown, and Epic Black; and in sizes X-Small/Small, Medium/Large, and X-Large.



Commonly referred to as trousers, pants have been worn in the Western world since ancient times

A great way to show off wealth with the excess use of fabric

Design is similar to the Pluderhose, a 15th century design that fastened at the knee.

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