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Forest Argent Player Credit


This is £10 of player credit for Forest Argent LARP system, the details of which can be found above:

The system runs day events in Exeter, Southampton and Locherby as well as weekend events around the country.


"Forest Argent is a system all about exploration, its about a game world in which you are an active participant in building it. We have given an overview of each of the worlds that make up the Forest Argent and the World Primer then goes onto give you an up to date idea of what the players and plot have added.


So this world keeps growing and it grows in the way that you ask it to. Of course we ask players to send there ideas to us first, because who knows what other ideas have already been requested that you might be about to find out?


So, several years ago, the players wandered into the Forest Argent and found there where other worlds... some with technology... some with magic.... the repercussions of that can still be felt and you could be part of its future."

Purchase of a ticket will get you a 10% discount on future purchases for a month in the future.

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