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Landsknecht Shirt


A fancy shirt for your decerning mercenary or buckaneer:

Epic Armoury’s Landsknecht Shirt is a hip-length shirt with baggy sleeves and vertically cut colours, most often associated with the wealthy men of the Renaissance. Made from durable heavy cotton, this shirt has a broad neck which can be laced open or closed. The contrasting puff-and-slash sleeves end in narrow cuffs at the wrists, which are adjusted by tightening its reinforced cotton cord to get the best fit.



Available in Epic Black/Off-white, Black/Dark-Red, Green/Off-white, and Red/Yellow; and in sizes Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large.



Shirts began as a form of undergarments for men in the 7th-10th centuries

Considered more of a Renaissance-era fashion for men with its billowy sleeves

Traditionally worn as an underlayer beneath a doublet or vest

Which colours: Black/Off-white, Black/Dark-Red, Green/Off-white, and Red/Yellow

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