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This is a store for the following:

  • Training cosplay and larp props 
  • Costume 
  • Event tickets 
  • Various sunduries such as tshirts etc.

If there is anything that you would like we can also order from our suplier: Iron Fotress or Mytholon. We do our best to keep the store updated with what is instock, but alas things are sometimes overlloked. If that is the case we will email you immediatly to let you know and either give a date that it will appear or offer a refund.

If you wish to look further at some excellent bespoke equipment: Saxon Violence, Otta Studios, Light Armouries, Dragon Armoury, Darkbladeuk and VeeLeather to give some examples.

NOTE: We currently only deliver to the UK, however, if you choose any other country, that will wave the postage if you want to collect the product from an event we are attending or running. Thank you



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